Perfect-fit analytics for your business

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123If you’re an ISV or SaaS provider looking at deploying an analytics solution, your specific requirements will be different from others depending on your customer base and experience. These factors will have a big impact in determining which package is right for you.

This report from independent researchers Forrester looks at over 30 key attributes involved in analytics solutions and in which departments the top players in the market stand out. The report analyzes the state of the customer analytics solutions marketplace, and has found that IBM stands out as a leader. According to Forrester, if your enterprise has a diverse set of data, use cases and deployment needs, then IBM is unparalleled in what it offers to ISVs and SaaS providers of every size and status needing to analyse significant amounts of data.

Click on the link to see how well IBM fared in a review of 11 major analytics players.

Senior Business Development Manager, IBM Watson & Cloud Services

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