Nordic IBM Cloud Garage open for business

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At Watson Summit Copenhagen we officially announced that the Nordic IBM Cloud Garage is open for business. Integrated in the SOHO start-up community in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen the IBM Cloud Garage will serve as a Nordic hub, fueling innovation for clients in the Nordic region. Disruption is top on the agenda for any enterprise client today, as they face fierce competition from new players in their traditional segment. At first disruption is seen as  a major threat, but in fact can be turned into a great opportunity, given the right approach.

Most enterprises today have vast amounts of data and lots of experience and knowledge in their field of operations. However many lack the resources and capabilities to turn these data and knowledge into new business opportunities. This is where the IBM Cloud Garage can help. Using Design Thinking methodology and state of the art tools and resources, the IBM Cloud Garage can help enterprises quickly identify and scope new business opportunities and within weeks build a minimum viable product, to evaluate the feasibility of the solution.

In other words the IBM Cloud Garage represents the fast lane to transforming existing businesses and processes into the new connected world of Microservices, Big Data and Artifical Intelligence – it’s like transformation on steroids.

To engage with the IBM Cloud Garage give us a call @+45 70 10 32 68

You can also read this article in Computerworld

Vice President, IBM Cloud Nordic

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