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As clients are moving to Cloud to get the agility, functionality and speed that cloud provides, some clients still have regulatory and legal concerns regarding their data. Concerns that until now may have kept clients from realizing the benefits of Cloud. A core strength of IBM’s Cloud strategy is Choice with consistency, and with the new release of  IBM Cloud Private clients can now deploy a private cloud on-premise behind their own firewall, opening the door to Cloud without regulatory and legal concerns.

IBM Cloud Private empowers both developers and administrators to meet business demands. Developers can tap into a rich stack of built-in development tools and services so they can turn ideas into working code quickly. The operations team has access to a powerful set of enterprise-grade management tools to keep the platform secure and up to date.

The core platform is built on Kubernetes, which is the industry-leading container orchestration platform that works across private, dedicated and public clouds. IBM Cloud Private comes with a choice of open source application runtimes, Kubernetes and containers or Cloud Foundry. Clients can choose the prescriptive development approach of Cloud Foundry, or the more customizable and portable approach of Kubernetes and Docker containers.

Vice President, IBM Cloud Nordic

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