Journey to AI – An IBM Garage Event

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You are invited to our Journey to AI event.

“Enterprise AI” is about solving sophisticated business problems in highly dynamic environments. This requires an understanding of well-defined use cases and starting points, and an acknowledgment that the bottleneck now is in management, implementation, and business imagination more than the lack of technology

AI is transforming the way businesses and organizations work challenging industries to rethink business models by taking action and deciding on new business cases, data governance and architecture all the way to data ethics and purpose.

IBM has invited some of our best customers, distinguished Analytics and AI architects and Data Scientist to share their experiences and learning from starting their journey to AI.

We hope to see you for an inspiring day.

Event details – Journey to AI:

Registration & detailed agenda: Click here!

Venue & address: IBM Garage, SoHo, Kødbyen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date & time: 27th of August 2019 from 12.30 to 17.15 – followed by grill and networking at the terrace.

If you need any further information, please send an email to

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