IBM is Using its Artificial Intelligence Engine, Watson, to Make Efficient Media Decisions Based on Data and AI.

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The cognitive super computer, IBM Watson, can be used for many things and IBM is currently working on optimizing the programmatic media buying process based on the AI robot named Watson.

Traditionally speaking, agencies use a combination of human intuition as well as experience with algorithms and programs. The limitation of this mix really has to do with the extensive volume and velocity of data that’s involvedSheinkin (Ari Sheinkin, VP of Marketing Analytics for IBM) explained.

Hence it becomes vital for the process to involve some kind of data processing power, preferably an AI solution, to comprehend and create value out of all this data and make data driven decisions.

Sheinkin said that after having used IBM Watson exclusively for IBM’s media campaigns the company is now presenting the product to potential clients. Having come out of the testing stage, IBM is now working on collaborations between its iX digital agency division and using Watson for programmatic media buying. Today, IBM is already using Watson for buying media in both the US and the UK, and the highest results show a stunning 71% reduced cost per click (CPC) although the average is around a 31% mark.

Click here, to explore how IBM Watson utilizes media, data and technology in a marketing/business context.

Get started and optimize the media process with AI and Data.

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