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I pledge to Be Equal.

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Our invitation. Our call to arms.
To engage IBMers, customers and society at large in promoting the advancement of gender equality in business leadership.
Hear from IBM leaders as they share their tips and pledges to create a more equal workplace.

IBM has a continued commitment to diversity and inclusion. A decade before the Civil Rights Act, IBM’s chairman wrote Policy Letter #4 – history’s first corporate mandate on equal employment, for everyone.

Last year, IBM received the 2018 Catalyst Award for its global efforts to help advance women in business – making it the first company ever to have been recognised for the fourth time. Watch the video below to see, how diversity and inclusion are not policies and programs, they have been integral to our habits, practices, and purpose for more than 100 years. One question we continually ask: What is needed today that we didn’t see before? Join us in finding the answer.


Be Proactive. Be Aware. Be Vocal. Be Flexible. Be Intentional. Be Open.

Be Cognizant. Be Inclusive. Be Receptive. Be Respectful. Be Accountable. Be Curious.

Click here, to pledge and share your allegiance to one or all of statements above.

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