Huge customer interest in IBM PowerAI

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IBM PowerAI is a software stack for Deep Learning (DL) including the most popular open-source frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Chainer and Torch, and some very unique IBM products. Products like IBM PowerAI Vision, IBM Spectrum Conductor for Sparc and IBM PowerAI DL Insight are all products that help facilitate and ease the whole DL-process. IBM PowerAI runs exclusively on the IBM Power platform, more specifically on “Minsky” or S822LC – a very powerful server with Power CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs.

IBM has planned a series of PowerAI seminars in the Nordics:

  • Helsinki: October 30 at 8:30-12:00 (CET)
  • Oslo: October 31st at 8:30-12:00 (CET)
  • Stockholm: November 2nd at 8:30-12:00 (CET)
  • Copenhagen: November 3rd at 8:30-12:00 (CET)

We are happy to say that the interest has blown us away. Not only for the seminars themselves, but for the Meetup communities we created as well. The communities now total 400+ members (October 17th), and out of those 230+ have already enrolled to the 4 seminars. Amongst the community members, we see a lot of people we’ve never met before. People who are already engaged in doing Deep Learning, either in businesses or in universities. As we wanted the communities to be broad and diverse, we are quite happy about that as well. The communities will continue after the seminars.

The 3 main speakers are:
Ari Juntunen who is the co-founder of Elinar Oy Ltd. Ari has a long (20+ years) history on content-centric processes and has been heavily involved with Elinar AI development for the past two years. Ari is a passionate innovator in constant search for technology that can make daily lives of business users more rewarding by eliminating menial tasks from their daily workload using AI and Deep Learning. Ari will present how Elinar is using Deep Learning including IBM PowerAI in their solutions.

Daniel Kiernan from NVIDIA. With almost 20 years of experience within the IT industry, Daniel has spent the last 6 years at NVIDIA being responsible for NVIDIA partners in Europe. Very customer oriented and completely up to date on everything ‘NVIDIA’, he comes to us straight from the EMEA NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in Munich. Danny has a combined pre-sales and sales background and operates out of his base in London, UK. Danny will present the technology behind GPUs.

I (Kim Gregers Petersen) am delighted to be one of the speakers myself, as I will start out talking about Deep Learning in general and the IBM PowerAI in more details. As a Partner Technical Advocate, I spend most of my time aligning IBM and our Business Partners on topics like storage, Deep Learning and related IT infrastructure. My 30+ years IT background has been centered around servers, storage, technical IT and Big Data. I am quite excited about the future of DL and AI, since it gets integrated into more or less everything else IT.

Enrollments are still coming in fast, so if you want to join us, please go here NOW:
Registration for:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Partner Technical Advocate - Storage

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