Healthcare Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

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New Cybersecurity threats are emerging in Healthcare daily. Here are three Cybersecurity trends emerging in 2018:

   1. Ransomware attacks via connected devices will be more severe

Hackers target medical and IoT devices that provide, transmit, and access confidential data because they can exploit the fact that most manufacturers did not consider cybersecurity when designing those devices.

    2. Employees awareness in cybersecurity will be paramount to minimise risk from insider threats

Attackers are getting more organized and less obvious as they attempt to snare staff and administrators with rapidly changing tools. With this, security training and guidance is critical to minimize staff exposure to phishing attacks and malware intrusion, as is penalties for staff with bad intentions.

   3. AI will play a key role in protecting the data and meeting regulatory requirements

Early applications of artificial and augmented intelligence seems promising, and as organizations increasingly adopt it, the ability to respond to attacks in real time, can be foreseen. If it can be determined within moments that an attack has happened, one can mitigate damage, recover and respond quickly. Furthermore, reporting details of a breach to the public and authority in time and efficiently is now a requirement; otherwise, social media may do it for you, and it won’t be pretty.

Watch the video below, to learn more about cyber security threats and  why attackers are continuing to target the healthcare industry:

Click here, to read more about how to keep your healthcare organization safe.

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