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Cybersecurity doesn’t need more tools; it needs new rules.

Let’s be frank: Chief information security officers (CISOs) and security professionals all know cybersecurity complexity is a major challenge in today’s threat landscape. Other folks in the security industry know this too — although some don’t want to admit it. The problem is that amid increasing danger and a growing skills shortage, security teams are […]

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Inside the heart of an IBM Cloud Data Center

Deploy locally and scale globally to maximize choice and control With deployed workloads in over 60 data centers, and now into 6 regions and 18 availability zones globally. Built to meet your needs for local access, low latency and certified security, IBM Cloud offers the most choices to decide where and how your data and […]

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Building your quantum capability

Initiating a quantum collaboration Quantum computing has the potential to solve difficult business problems that classical computers cannot. Within five years, analysts estimate that 20 percent of organizations will be budgeting for quantum computing projects and, within a decade, quantum computing may be a USD15 billion industry. To place your organization in the vanguard of change, […]

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The Three “I’s” of the New CIO Role

Information Is Not Enough For CIOs to be successful in helping drive digital transformation, they must first transform their own roles by expanding beyond traditional business, technology, and leadership areas of focus to include the “three I’s” of the new CIO: ingenuity, initiative, and inspiration. The successful CIO of the future will embody these key […]

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Streamline contract management with Watson AI

The intensive nature of managing procurement contracts is so well-known that it’s almost invisible. Yet it’s still costly. Firms can lose as much as 40% of value in a given deal as a result of inefficient contracting. There’s a solution. Watson Compare & Comply helps businesses streamline contract management. Watch the video below to see […]

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Webinar: Deep Learning’s place in Business and how IBM contributes

The hottest IT-related subject right now is how companies and public institutions can benefit from Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We have been offering IBM Watson to cover those needs for quite a while and when we introduced the on-premises IBM PowerAI solution – based on open source solutions like TensorFlow™ and Caffe – last […]

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