The Cognitive era of IT-Operations is here

Through bundling automation, Analytics and Cognitive computing, IBM was able to help Danske Bank deliver automated delivery, and innovative continual service improvement. Ensuring consistency outcomes and reducing human errors, whilst significantly removing delays in restoration of critical services, even preventing them before they occur. Immediately after the  implementation the number of distributed infrastructure major incidents […]

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Smart societies must be built on a solid digital foundation

Of course, the robots will come. Of course, buildings will talk to each other. Of course, we will soon have self-driven busses. But, we do not get a smart, green welfare society without a solid digital foundation. This subject is not discussed enough in Norway. Everyone with the slightest knowledge of house construction knows that […]

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Elementary, Dear Watson!

Since the big breakthrough in 2011, IBM Watson has been on everybody’s lips – it has become elementary to get started with IBM Watson! On January 24th in Copenhagen we will learn not only about Watson and how it has become elementary, but also how the Watson Technology is used by different customers and partners. […]

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What the wise men of retail should analyse this Christmas

It’s coming up to Christmas and for anyone in the retail or the retail marketing business, it’s a great time to get customer insights – before, during and after the holiday season. To do this, retailers need to follow social media channels. However, ordinary social media analysis usually means wading through a range of individual analysis […]

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Six ways to use Data Science to drive your cross-sell and upsell activity

Getting more from what you have is the key tenet of the cross-selling and upselling mantra. By running deeper analysis on your customer information, you get more from your data. You then take these new insights and get more revenue from your existing customer-base by offering them relevant products and services. It’s a win-win process, […]

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Seminar on IBM Planning Analytics

Kapacity is hosting two IBM Planning Analytics seminars in Middelfart and Copenhagen, Denmark, where you can learn how to create a complete and agile foundation for your company’s financial tasks. IBM Planning Analytics is a solution that automates and improves your essential planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes, making budgeting easier and quicker while reducing […]

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An Open Source Data Science Toolbox Built for Business

Last week this blog covered how SPSS is embracing the growing open source movement in data science, enabling teams to work with open source tools while still using the familiar SPSS Modeler and Statistics tools. But for organisations that are looking to work even more closely together and have the advanced coding skills to work […]

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Embrace Open Source with Open Arms via SPSS

Data Science skills are some of the most valued globally. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining are the second most in-demand skills globally for the second year in a row, according to LinkedIn. Like SPSS these are essential to successful data science.  Skills to Pay the Bills No matter where you’re doing data science for, you need to […]

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IBM for CIO: The Rise of the CIOs

IBM presents: Discover what “I” in Chief Information Officers (CIOs) can disrupt. It isn’t just business leaders who are driving agility in top-performing companies. Savvy CIOs are enabling agility by empowering people and operations with data that makes a difference. Those CIOs are providing data that is timely and accurate. They are connecting the dots […]

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