AI technology can differentiate your business

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AI technologies such as Machine and Deep Learning are starting to change the landscape of business.  Organizations that successfully exploit these technologies will experience a significant competitive advantage.

  • Are you interested in understanding to what extent your organization is ready for implementing AI technologies?
  • Are you interested in understanding more about AI technologies and how you can better position your organization for this emerging technology?
  • Are you on the verge of developing an AI solution, and would like to explore what other companies in your industry are doing?

IBM Systems Consulting has developed a workshop to support you to define a strategy implementing and applying AI technologies in your organization.

SMAART AI can help build your strategy

SMAART AI is targeted at helping organizations to build a strategy to implement AI technologies successfully.  The engagement includes a workshop that is based upon a maturity assessment that will determine current and target levels of AI capabilities, connecting them to your business and IT initiatives. The assessment results will be analyzed, and a report created which will identify focus areas and proposed next steps.

During the workshop, we will discuss industry-based use cases and the identification of potential use cases of AI technologies for your business.  The engagement will also help to evaluate the possibility, feasibility and benefits of implementing these AI solutions.

Connecting lines of business and IT

SMAART AI engages your Line of Business and Information Technology teams in a structured process to explore AI technologies and how they best apply to your business. Drawing on IBM’s experience with AI solutions, the IBM team will explore not only the technology components but the business applications as well.

Typical deliverables

  • Potential AI use cases with high-level feasibility assessment and benefits
  • A report containing your AI capabilities assessment results, related analysis, and suggested actions

If you’re interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact IBM Lab Services Nordic at

Systems Consulting - Infrastructure & IT Service Management

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