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It’s one of those solutions you look at and say: “Wow – of course we should do that!” And now we do.

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IBM is working to bring Support and Education together in a way that helps provide you with development recommendation(s) on key skills related to work being done in YOUR environment. IBM is leveraging Watson along with the IBM Skills Gateway to enable you to see education and enablement offerings customized to what you’re working on today.

The IBM “official” name for the approach is ‘Modeled Education from Support History’ (MESH).  But, what is important for you, is not what we (IBM) call it but rather how it helps you in developing skills.  We want to help remove the leg work of searching through various avenues to find skills (training and enablement) relevant to your needs. IBM engages you, provides recommendations, links you to your custom profile and helps launch your learning journey. In some cases, completion of those courses will even result in a badge being awarded!

We are live with support for IBM software products and will add support soon for IBM hardware products.

For more information, please contact or see the following video:


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