Meet Our Support Intern – Chrystjan Bowers

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Chrystjan Bowers is a Bachelor of Business Analytics student at the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. As part of his internship, Chrystjan had the opportunity to help launch Live Agent Chat, a feature that is now enabled for many of the products on the new IBM Support site. Live Agent Chat helps connect our clients to our IBM Support Professionals quickly.

Chrystjan BowersWhat attracted you to join IBM Support? What attracted me was IBM’s reputation, its work environment and culture, and the ability for me to gain hands-on experience that’s relevant to my degree. I joined IBM Support because I wanted to help clients and to see how businesses work with IBM Support.

What’s your proudest accomplishment at work? My proudest accomplishment was becoming the program owner to help launch Live Agent Chat for Maximo Support in Australia. I also felt accomplished every time I helped a customer with their issue.

What makes IBM Support unique? I think the people make it unique. Everyone has their own stories, skills, fun facts, goals, and interests. Some play sports, some travel, some speak five different languages, and some make a very hot sauce.

What’s one thing that really surprised you about working at IBM Support? I was amazed by the work environment and the people. I was also impressed by the number of support cases that come into IBM Support and the complexity of the issues. You can really tell how important IBM Support is to our clients.

What do you like to do on your own time? I’m still attending university with the expectation to complete my courses by the end of 2020. Outside of both work and study, a big part of my weekends is to go to the beach for a swim, a run, or a walk in the summer. I also enjoy listening to music, exercising, exploring new places, and trying new things.

Share one fun fact about yourself I once nearly got attacked by a sea turtle: while I was snorkeling in Vanuatu, a sea turtle came up to me and tried to bite my snorkel.

Can you give future interns some advice for a successful internship experience? It goes by super quickly, so take the time to learn. Learn about the job, your team, the business, and more importantly, learn about yourself. Enjoy the experience and let it shapes you into the better person you can be tomorrow.

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