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Unlock a career as an AI Developer with IBM on Coursera!

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Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Imagine mastering cutting-edge AI technologies, generative AI models, and programming skills, all while building job-ready applications that showcase your expertise. If this sounds like the what you’ve been looking for, then the IBM AI Developer Professional Certificate is your gateway to success. No prior experience necessary.

Formerly the IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate, this program has undergone a revolutionary transformation. While its core mission remains the same — empowering learners with AI prowess — the new focus is on enabling you to start a career as an AI Software Developer. These developers are the architects of tomorrow, blending programming skills with AI ingenuity to craft AI-powered applications, chatbots, and agents that redefine user experiences.

Why Choose IBM AI Developer Professional Certificate?

  • Accelerated Learning: In just 6 months, you’ll acquire job-ready AI skills and practical experience that employers crave.
  • Flexible Schedule: With a commitment of just 4 hours per week, this program fits seamlessly into your busy professional life.
  • No Prior Experience Needed: Whether you’re a seasoned coder or new to the AI realm, this program caters to all skill levels.

What You’ll Master

  • Foundational AI Concepts: Dive deep into AI terminology, building blocks, and real-world applications, including generative AI.
  • AI-Powered App Development: Learn to create cutting-edge applications and chatbots using diverse programming frameworks and AI technologies.
  • Web Development with Python and Flask: Harness the power of Python and Flask to deploy AI applications on the web seamlessly.

Upon completing the 10-course series, you’ll emerge with a certificate from IBM showcasing your new knowledge and a skill set valued by employers. Your journey will include hands-on labs and projects, culminating in building an AI portfolio that will dazzle during interviews.

Imagine developing a portfolio website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Picture crafting a sentiment analysis application with Python, Flask, and embedded AI libraries. Envision creating a voice assistant leveraging OpenAI’s GPT APIs and IBM watsonx libraries. These are just some of the real-world projects waiting for you in this program.

With your Professional Certificate from Coursera and digital badge from IBM, you’ll unlock a world of job opportunities. With this program you will also gain access to career assistance, job search resources, and interview preparation guidance, setting the stage for a successful AI career launch.

Enroll in the IBM AI Developer Professional Certificate today and chart your course toward a fulfilling career in AI development. For a limited time, your first month of learning is free!

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