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20 July 2021

Interskill has been selected as a “2021 Online Learning Library Watch List Company”

IBM Business Partner and IBM Digital Badge Program member Interskill Learning has been named by Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, as a 2021 Online Learning Library ‘Watch List’ Company! To have a niche, IBM Z specialist training organization listed among the global Training Industry’s elite companies is a […]

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3 December 2020

Machine Learning is Blind

If I say sky, …the very next thing that comes to your mind is? don’t think…just say it… …blue, or maybe clouds. And if I say green, you’ll likely say grass. Although some of my students are quick to say cut! Let’s keep up the rigor: if I say AI what might you say?….don’t think….first […]

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13 June 2018

Meet the Team – Meg Petersen

Let us introduce you to Meg Petersen, Senior Content Strategist and Program Manager, IBM Training and Skills. Meg was recently featured in Learning Solutions – Leaders in the Limelight.   In the article Meg covers the best business advice she received and how having fun led to a change in career direction. This is a […]

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5 December 2017

Getting to know Interskill

Background My name is Darren Surch, COO of Interskill Learning, Americas. A proud mainframer for a quarter century, I have helped design and implement mainframe workforce training programs for Z mainframe organizations on every continent except Antarctica! (Penguins don’t make good COBOL Programmers apparently.) And one more thing that’s just so seismic I have to […]

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25 September 2017

Get to know our Partner Relationship Managers

I recently conducted video interviews with each of our geography-focused Partner Relationship Managers (Geo PRMs): Ondrej Podebradsky (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Takeshi Yoshio (Japan, Asia & India) and Teresa Rojas (the Americas). In the interview, I asked each of them to discuss the current economic climate and the general market for education, to talk […]

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18 April 2017

Updated! Getting to know our GTPs: Arrow Education Services

Myself My name is Julie Bartholomae and I am the Partner Relationship Manager for IBM Training and Skill’s GTP, Arrow. I’ve been with IBM and with IBM Training for over 25 years, enjoying several different positions, including Operations Manager, and Delivery Business Manager for North America.  I’m very happy to now be working with Arrow […]

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12 April 2017

Updated! Getting to know our GTPs: Avnet

Myself Hello, I am Corbett Schollmeyer, SSE for North Dakota and the Avnet Partner Relationship Manger (PRM). I have worked in Support, Services and Education from the late 90’s working in California, AP (China, Japan, and Taiwan), and now out of Bismarck North Dakota. Outside of work I am the Chairman for the Northern Badlands […]

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10 April 2017

Updated! Getting to know our GTPs: Global Knowledge

Background You have seen me blogging on this site since a while now. In case you’re not yet aware of who I am, please have a look to me and my content. I first heard about Global Knowledge years ago, when I tried to increase the Education Channel in Europe. They were one of the […]

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31 March 2017

Updated! Getting to know our GTPs: LearnQuest

Myself I am the Partner Relationship Manager for LearnQuest, and am located in Toronto, Canada, where I previously was responsible for the IBM Canada Education Centre.  With over 20 years of education and training experience I am excited to be able to work with LearnQuest and continue the journey of growing IBM skills worldwide. LearnQuest […]

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