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Skill Up for the Data Job you want

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Data is critical for any business as it helps them make decisions based on trends, statistical numbers and facts. Due to this importance of data, data science as a multi-disciplinary field has developed at a very accelerated pace. It utilizes scientific approaches, frameworks, algorithms, and procedures to extract insight from a massive amount of data. Today, data science is the backbone of any industry and current trends indicate that jobs in this domain will continue to grow over the next foreseeable future. But there are multiple job roles in this domain, what exactly do they entail? How do you build skills for them?


Interested in finding the right data career path?

Join us on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. EDT for a live panel discussion with IBM’s leaders in data science to learn about which career path is right for you in this growing hot job market.

This webinar will cover how you can start your journey to an exciting new career within the data science field without any prior experience in either of the following career paths: Data Science, Data Analytics, or Data Engineering. Explore each of these roles in detail with our subject matter experts:

You’ll learn about the importance of data science to digital transformation in the world, key roles in the data ecosystem, growth trends in the job market, and gain actionable insights about the various technical and soft skills that are highly valued for each data role. Register Here


Can’t attend?

Register today and receive a link to the recorded webinar. Discover how to skill up with IBM’s data experts and start your new journey in an exciting career path. Save your spot today!

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