Collaborative Threat Defence with IBM and Cisco

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Author: Ali Daher, IBM Security Leader A/NZ

When it comes to threat defence, it’s a cluttered market out there!

There are multiple security vendors and a multitude of tools to solve different security requirements. Common feedback we hear from customers is, wouldn’t it be great to:

  • Reduce product and vendor complexity
  • Streamline workflows between security vendors to make it easier for teams to get things done
  • Maximise the value of existing investments with an end-to-end security approach
  • Realise security outcomes with joint solutions across multiple threat vectors
  • Automate threat detection and response across networks, users, endpoints and cloud

Fortunately, IBM and Cisco offer collaborative threat defence that provides industry-leading integrations to secure the enterprise by helping security professionals in three critical areas:

  • Automate your threat response with solutions that provide an integrated defence across networks, endpoints, and the cloud
  • Overcome security staff shortages and reduce complexity with system integration services and IBM Managed Security Services (MSS) offerings that are customised to your needs
  • Combat the latest threats with threat intelligence from Cisco Talos and IBM X-Force research teams.

Two particularly relevant security use cases where our partnership excels is in addressing insider threats and protecting against ransomware attacks.

Addressing Insider Threats

We’re hearing from customers that they need help with detecting and responding to insider threat activity. IBM and Cisco can help customers across this attack lifecycle for insider threats with defensive technologies to block known bad activity and additional capabilities and analytics to quickly prioritise suspicious actions and remediate the malicious activity.

Protecting against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has quickly become one of the fastest-growing and profitable types of malware ever seen. Cisco and IBM have extensive tools to help organisations respond with speed and confidence, reinforced by their threat research teams, Cisco Talos® and IBM X-Force.

Protecting against today’s highly dynamic threat environment demands a concerted, collaborative effort, not a fractured or siloed approach to keep threats at bay. With an unwavering commitment to an open partnership, IBM and Cisco can deliver the integrated, interoperable solutions required to detect and at the speed of business.

Interested to learn more about this unique partnership and how our combined cybersecurity solutions can help your organisation? Please contact one of my cybersecurity specialists, Arnanth Srikanth to discuss your requirements further or consider attending our upcoming virtual event, Emerge Smarter with IBM and Cisco. Click here for more details and to register.

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