May 14, 2020 By Evaristus Mainsah 2 min read

IBM and NVIDIA are collaborating with the intent to accelerate analytics and deploy applications at the edge.

Our joint clients can leverage the capabilities of IBM, NVIDIA, and our partners to rethink how to deliver analytics models and applications to where the data is created and needs to be actioned—in factories, retail stores, transportation, energy grids, warehouses, smart cities, healthcare institutions—at the edge.

NVIDIA supplies their latest GPU-optimized pre-built models and application frameworks through NGC, its software catalog. Data scientists and DevOps teams can use these to help accelerate delivery of new ‘ready-to-deploy’ edge analytics models. IBM can then provide IBM Edge Application Manager, which enables autonomous deployment of these models at massive scale on the NVIDIA EGX Edge AI platform.

With IBM Edge Application Manager, an IT manager can deploy new applications and AI models simultaneously to up to 10,000 target devices.* The software automates the work of managing those elements through their lifecycle.

Running jobs on their own edge networks, users can harvest insights faster with greater reliability and without the costs or vulnerabilities of sending their data to remote, centralized servers. Leveraging pre-built assets will save on costs and accelerate time to value.

A solid foundation for the edge

The EGX Edge AI platform’s cloud native architecture allows it to run containerized software to support a range of GPU-accelerated workloads from the NGC software catalog. With the support for cloud native technologies now available across the entire NVIDIA EGX lineup, manufacturers of intelligent machines and developers of AI applications can build and deploy high-quality, software-defined features on embedded and edge devices targeting robotics, smart cities, healthcare, industrial IoT, and more.

NVIDIA application frameworks include NVIDIA Clara for healthcare, NVIDIA Aerial for 5G, NVIDIA Jarvis for conversational AI, NVIDIA Isaac for robotics, and NVIDIA Metropolis for smart cities, retail, transportation, and more. They can be used together or individually and open new possibilities for a variety of edge use cases.

Start getting ready for the next era of edge supercomputing where billions of always-on IoT sensors will be connected by 5G and processed by AI. With IBM Edge Application Manager and NVIDIA EGX, our clients can unleash the power of accelerated AI computing at the edge with NVIDIA’s easy-to-deploy cloud native software stack to securely deliver next-generation AI, IoT, and 5G-based services.

* Performance testing for IBM Edge Application Manager showed 10,000 agents registered to a single IBM Edge Application Manager Hub, with one command executed using both a pattern and then a policy.

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