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IBM offerings were featured in more than 1,200 unique G2 reports, earning over 250 Leader badges across various categories.

These accolades are given to offerings that receive positive reviews from verified users, compared to competitive products in their respective categories. Detailed information about G2’s scoring methodologies, G2 Market Report inclusion criteria, and sorting logic can be found on G2 platform.

According to the most recent G2 Software Buyer Behavior Report, “Value, scalability, and ease are top considerations for software buyers.” Ninety-three percent of 1,700 global software buyers surveyed by G2 say the quality of the implementation process has a significant influence on their decision to renew. These necessary proof points can be found in user reviews.

Highlights of IBM’s leadership:

Ranked #1 in 95 unique reports:

  • IBM watsonx Assistant ranked #1 in the Bot Platforms Grid Report
  • IBM App Connect ranked #1 in the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Grid Report
  • IBM Maximo ranked #1 in the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Asset Management, and Asset Performance Management Grid Reports
  • IBM Security QRadar SIEM ranked #1 in the Incident Response, User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), and Digital Forensics Grid Reports
  • IBM Instana ranked #1 in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, Container Monitoring, and Enterprise Monitoring Grid Reports 
  • IBM MQ ranked #1 in the Message Queue (MQ) Grid Report
  • IBM SPSS Statistics ranked #1 in the Statistical Analysis Grid Report
  • IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ranked #1 in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Latin America Regional Grid Report
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integration SaaS ranked #1 in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Asia-Pacific Regional Grid Report
  • IBM Databand ranked #1 in the Data Observability Asia-Pacific Regional Grid Report

Ranked in the Top 3 in 249 unique reports:

Insights from client feedback

  • IBM App Connect offers multiple prebuilt connectors that help to connect any of your application, it makes it quite easy to transfer data seamlessly in a secure and quick manner. Connection set-up time is quite less for cloud-based application.” – Associate Quality Assurance Engineer, Mid-Market
  • QRadar SIEM is a robust, versatile, highly customizable, business driven security solution. It really helped us to establish and operate 24x7x365 Security Operation Center (SOC).” – Head of Information Security, Enterprise
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