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Even before the rise of COVID-19, the healthcare and life sciences industries faced significant issues, including interoperability, privacy and supply chain traceability. Another major challenge is that proprietary, electronic health record systems — from more than 700 vendors — routinely don’t talk to each other.¹ And in the U.S. alone, we saw 1,750 incidents of drug counterfeiting in 2018.²

As the pandemic continues, healthcare and the life sciences face new challenges, including adapting supply chains to deliver protective equipment and rapidly developing treatments, tests and vaccines. Meanwhile, healthcare professionals are grappling with how to manage consent and keep individual health data secure as they look to leverage health data to safely re-open for business.

Blockchain has already demonstrated its value in healthcare and the life sciences by enabling trust and collaboration, and will continue to be at the forefront of addressing ever more challenges.

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Assure data integrity across multiple parties

As organizations seek to confirm the health status of their customers and employees, blockchain networks help assure data integrity by storing an immutable, single version of the truth. Network participants can collaborate with confidence as they exchange information while controlling data access.

Achieve full traceability

As pharmaceutical products move through the supply chain, they are recorded on a blockchain. That audit trail means an item can be traced back to its origin, or out to the receiving pharmacy or retailer. This helps reduce counterfeiting and manufacturers can locate a recalled product in seconds so they can respond rapidly.

Gain new operational efficiencies

From resolving disputes to triggering next steps in supply chain transactions, to moving medical images through review, smart contracts can automate processes for increased speed and efficiency. Smart contracts automatically take action when established conditions are met.


novel coronavirus vaccines are under development worldwide.


states are expediting recertification so retired healthcare providers can return to work.


of people surveyed would share a COVID-19 diagnosis with their employer in order to get back to work more quickly.

Solutions for healthcare Verify health credentials

Built on IBM Blockchain technology, this solution is designed to enable organizations to verify health credentials in a privacy-preserving way — and individuals can manage their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone.

Find new suppliers of critical goods

Trust Your Supplier is a blockchain-enabled, trusted source of supplier information and digital identity that reduces risk while simplifying and accelerating supplier onboarding and supplier management.

Safeguard the efficacy of medications

Powered by Blockchain Transparent Supply, this blockchain-based platform for tracking temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals through the supply chain provides trusted, reliable and accurate data across multiple parties.

Solutions for life sciences Speed medication recall notifications

KPMG, Merck, Walmart and IBM joined forces in an FDA pilot for the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The pilot successfully demonstrated a blockchain product traceability solution that cut the medication recall notification process from days to seconds. (2.9 MB)

Industrialize cell and gene therapy

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy requires a robust ecosystem and resilient digital infrastructure. IBM® technology and services, including IBM Personalized Medicine Platform, provide health professionals the necessary tools to maintain the trust and integrity of personalized CAR-T treatment.

Vaccine distribution network on blockchain

Build trust in new vaccines from inception to injection with a network powered by IBM Blockchain. Monitor vaccine distribution at every step to help assure manufacturers, distributers, dispensers and the public.

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Wondering what blockchain really is and how it can help? Spend a few minutes with us and learn about distributed ledger technology, immutable records and how it all works with this set of “Blockchain 101” resources.

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