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Acquire, grow and retain
customers in your industry

Get to know your customers. Understand their wants and needs. Interact and engage with them through their preferred channels. See how big data and analytics can help organisations in a variety of industries improve marketing and sales efforts.


Gain a deeper understanding of each individual policyholder by extracting value from data to customise an offer, service them more efficiently or identify when they are at risk for churn.

Security First anticipates customer needs

The content analytics capabilities of IBM Watson Foundations helped Security First Insurance prioritise, route and respond to high volumes of social media posts after a disaster, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction by bridging social media and the claims process.




Bridge the physical and digital shopping experience to acquire today's connected customer, grow spend and retain the most profitable consumers.

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Luxottica personalises customer offers

Luxottica used IBM Big Data & Analytics capabilities and a solution from IBM Business Partner, Aginity, to identify their highest-value customers from nearly 100 million and create personalised marketing campaigns, anticipating 10 percent improvement in marketing effectiveness.




Offer subscribers a high-quality service experience that will improve loyalty and keep churn rates low by getting an end-to-end view of customer, service and device performance data.

XO Communications reduces customer churn

XO Communications is using IBM Big Data & Analytics capabilities to identify subscribers at risk of churning and improve their experience, increasing retention rates and helping them to recover millions of dollars in revenue.