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Recover access to critical data and applications

Recovery plans must be focused on quick rebuilding of mission-critical business applications and restoration of data. IBM experts can help your company prioritise the appropriate resources to speed recovery.


IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Service (IRIS)

Proactively manage your security threats with the expertise, skills and people of IBM Security Services.

IBM Backup as a Service

IBM Resiliency Backup as a Service offers a robust range of onsite, offsite and hybrid cloud-based data protection solutions to support information resiliency.

IBM Resiliency Orchestration with Cyber Incident Recovery

Protecting data and configurations (applications, systems, devices) from cyber incidents with rapid recovery to minimize business impacts across hybrid environments.

IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service

Minimize the impact of disruption and recover within minutes of an outage with Disaster Recovery as a Service.

IBM X-Force Threat Management

IBM X-Force Threat Management provides orchestration across the threat lifecycle to help you respond and recover from cyber-attacks faster than ever


Kaustubh Vazalwar

Resiliency Services Leader IBM A/NZ

Kaustubh is a seasoned and certified technology risk and resilience professional with extensive experience in strategic and technological aspects of business.

He is a respected thought leader who has published multiple whitepapers and journal articles on cyber resilience.

Chris Hockings

CTO for IBM Security A/NZ

Chris is an expert in designing solutions that treat security and privacy as a priority concern.

He has over 20 years experience working as an innovative client facing thought leader, helping clients stay ahead of the cyber security threat whilst delivering user centric security across digital transformation programs.

Stephen Burmester

Industry Security Leader A/NZ, Business Development Executive

With 25 years in information security, Stephen can assist you in every stage of the cyber resilience cycle.

He's a subject matter expert who's worked with both government bodies and the private sector to improve their security strategies and help them navigate the threat landscape.

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Understand the issues

Managing data breaches got a lot more expensive in 2019

The 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report explores financial impacts and security measures that can help your organization mitigate costs.

Master disaster recovery

Learn what leading disaster recovery teams do to meet always-on expectations.

The need to bring a paradigm shift in business resiliency

Read the Forbes Insights report to find out how cloud-enabled Resiliency as a Service can result in faster, more cost-effective recovery – and about the IBM Software Defined Resiliency framework.

Get to know the five stages of the Cyber Resilience Lifecycle


Get your enterprise back online and operating optimally by recovering access to mission-critical data and applications.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework.



To improve cyber resilience, you need to assess your readiness, process and posture, and then define an action plan.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework. 


The best way to safeguard against attacks is to discover your vulnerabilities before they are exploited and put the right protection solutions in place.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework. 


Use advanced analytics to detect attacks coming from outside your enterprise and investigate active threats hiding inside.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework.


Remediate attack damage by responding effectively with the smartest cyber incident responders and threat intelligence.

Based on the leading NIST Cyber Security Framework.