A New Platform for the Cognitive Business

Watson Data Platform enables data-driven professionals to work together in a simpler way to quickly find new and unexpected insights that deliver business-changing results.

The Watson Data Platform features embedded, cognitive-assisted machine learning. It provides user-specific tools and data and analytic services on the IBM Cloud.

With Watson Data Platform, you can:


Collaborate in teams across functions
to access all trusted data
and best-in-class technologies


Use multiple analytics technologies
to learn from the data
and quickly get new answers for the business


Deliver new insights to production quickly,
and continuously improve them
through rapid iteration

Watson Data Platform is one of three parts of a total approach to becoming a cognitive business. The platform, a method and an ecosystem together can accelerate your progress.

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Watson Data Platform offers these key capabilities:

  • User-specific tools
  • A rich environment that provides collaboration among all roles
  • Rapid ingestion of data of any type— faster than any other platform
  • Self-service access to trusted data, with governance throughout
  • Automated deployment with cognitive-assisted machine learning and Apache Spark
  • Choice of multiple third party technologies within an open ecosystem

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Composable Services

At the heart of Watson Data Platform are the services that simplify data and analytics. It’s easy to choose a combination of services that application developers, data scientists and data engineers can use to complement your existing architecture and “compose” a business solution.

Ingestion and Preparation

Ingestion and Preparation

Pull in diverse data through streaming and batch ETL, and prepare it for analytics and operational use.



Choose the storage option best suited to your data – from relational and Hadoop to object stores and every type of NoSQL.



Allow every type of user to perform the right kind of analysis.



Take action based on the insights you found, and embed intelligence into your business processes.

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