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IBM and Cloudera have partnered to offer an industry-leading, enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution plus an ecosystem of integrated products and services — all designed to help organizations achieve faster analytics at scale. As a part of this partnership, IBM provides the following.

  • OEM and support of Cloudera products
  • Sales and support of Hortonworks products under a multiyear contract
  • Migration assistance to future Cloudera and Hortonworks unity products.


See how IBM and Cloudera deliver better big data solutions

Build and modernize your data lake with IBM Cloudera Data Platform for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Use cases

Enterprise scale

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Enterprise scale

Build an enterprise data lake that has the proper level of data governance and security plus the analytic tools needed by data scientists to drive better data models, visualization and machine learning.

Data federalization

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Data federalization

Access, collect and analyze data in new formats — streaming, call log and social media — from external and internal sources, on premises and in the cloud to promote machine learning and AI initiatives.

Real time data warehouse and dashboards

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Real time data warehouse and dashboards

Offload enterprise data warehouse (EDW) data and extract, transform, load (ETL) workloads to a data lake for cost efficiencies.

Featured product

Cloudera Data Platform for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Perform integrated analytics from the edge to AI with a comprehensive on-premises platform that spans ingest, processing, analysis, experimentation and deployment. Optimized for deployment in the data center, this platform fuses the latest open source analytics technologies into a multifunction analytics and data management system.

Now available to deploy with IBM Cloud Pak for Data to run data science at scale.

IBM and Cloudera products

Cloudera Edge Management with IBM

Enable edge management, control and monitoring at scale for your streaming and IoT initiatives.

Cloudera Flow Management with IBM

Deliver high-scale data ingestion, transformation and management to enterprises from any-to-any environments.

Cloudera Data Platform Streaming Edition with IBM

Gain advanced messaging and streaming processing powered by Apache Kafka.

Cloudera Data Science Workbench with IBM

Accelerate data science and machine learning with an end-to-end solution for data exploration through model deployment.

Complementary solution products

Delivery, services and support

IBM® Analytics Engine

Develop and deploy advanced analytics applications more quickly with a single Hadoop and Spark cloud service.

Big data and platform services

Optimize your data environment with custom and as-a-service offerings to define your strategy, roadmaps and requirements.

Multivendor open source support

Cut costs with IBM vendor-agnostic software support, covering community editions through complex software stacks.

IBM value-adds

IBM Db2® Big SQL

Gain massively parallel processing (MPP) and advanced data query with an enterprise-grade, hybrid, ANSI-compliant, SQL-on-Hadoop engine.

IBM Big Replicate

Replicate data as it streams in, so files don’t need to be fully written or closed before transfer.

IBM Watson® Studio

Build and train AI and machine learning models, plus prepare and analyze data in a flexible, hybrid cloud environment.


Save time, money with multivendor support

Learn about the potential cost and time savings you can gain with IBM multivendor support services.

Team with open source experts

Collaborate with those sharing expertise and resources in the IBM data management open source community.

Build a data lake ready for AI

Explore the storage and governance technologies needed for your data lake to deliver AI-ready data.

Value for advanced analytics and AI

Learn how IBM and Cloudera deliver better data access, analytics and decisions in your enterprise.

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