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Better access, better analytics, better decisions

IBM and Cloudera have partnered to offer an industry-leading, enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution plus an ecosystem of integrated products and services – all designed to help organizations achieve faster analytic results at scale. As a part of this partnership, IBM provides:

  • Resell and support of Cloudera products
  • Sell and support of Hortonworks products under a multi-year contract
  • Migration assistance to future Cloudera/Hortonworks unity products

Benefit from the combined IBM and Cloudera collaboration and investment in the open source community and commitment to cloud to better support analytics initiatives from the edge to AI.


Graphic representing a single solution for big data analytics

Deploy a single solution for big data

IBM and Cloudera together offer an enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution in combination with an ecosystem of integrated data and analytic solutions that are designed to help you collect, govern, secure, access and explore big data.

Image representing open source

Optimize the power of open source

IBM and Cloudera are committed to the open source community, applying open standards and interoperability to their products and solutions to foster innovation.

Graphic representing high-performance analytics

Drive high-performance analytics

Better store, explore and manage big data, connecting your data scientists to data silos across the organization. Drive self-service access and real-time decisions by transforming complex data into clear actionable insights.

Graphic representing data portability across hybrid cloud and multicloud

Empower hybrid and multicloud

Benefit from industry-leading security and portability across your hybrid and multicloud environments. Drive better customer interactions, improve processes and innovate faster by aggregating data across your organization and making more accurate data-driven decisions.

Use cases

Build a better data lake

Challenge: Building an enterprise Hadoop-based data lake can be the perfect solution for storing, exploring and managing today’s big data. The data lake allows for the ingestion of new semi- and unstructured data sources, including streaming audio and video, social media, sentiment and click-stream data.

The challenge for the enterprise is to build a data lake that has the proper level of security, data governance and the analytic tools needed by its data scientists to drive tasks such as reporting, visualization and machine learning.

Solution: IBM and Cloudera are offering an enterprise data platform with integrated products and services to speed time to value when collecting, managing, governing, accessing and exploring big data.

Meet the growing challenges of AI

Challenge: Being able to accurately predict customer behavior, process machinery failures and detect fraudulent behavior using machine or deep learning is the basis for AI. To discover the patterns in data and generate the most accurate insights, all sources of data must be accessible.

The first challenge for the enterprise is accessing the data across the organization — from data marts, warehouses, hybrid and multiclouds. The second is having the data science tools and business analytics to empower data users to economically extract meaning from and interpret complex data sets.

Solution: IBM and Cloudera are driving AI with solutions that give organizations the ability to unlock the value of data in new ways, deploy and manage business models, predict future outcomes and automate processes for better data-driven decisions.

Offloading EDW data and ETL workloads

Challenge: Explosive growth of data has forced organizations to use their enterprise data warehouse (EDW) for purposes that it was never intended for — including running extract, transform, load (ETL) workloads and storing large volumes of unused data.

The challenge for the enterprise is to harness the new types of data, updated analytics practices and more efficient, cost-effective methods of storing and accessing data.

Solution: One of the most effective modernization approaches is offloading EDW data and ETL workloads to a flexible platform that provides economical storage, incorporates current technologies for machine learning and analytics and is optimized for the cloud.

Build a solution that optimizes the potential of big data

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