What is order management software?

Order management software tracks orders from inception to delivery, and manages processes and data connected to the order as it moves through its life cycle. It tracks all information, including order capture, inventory management, order fulfillment and after-sales services and scheduling, and provides real-time visibility into orders from all channels.

Customers want better, faster and more personalized service

Your customers — whether they’re consumers or other businesses — don’t care what it takes to get their order from point A to point B. They just want what they ordered — when, where and how they want it delivered. To exceed expectations without hurting your bottom line, you’ve got to modernize fulfillment processes and master everything from available-to-promise to dynamic demand requirements. 

IBM Sterling Order Management software provides you with:

  • Real-time inventory visibility across the supply chain network
  • Dynamic order monitoring based on promise dates
  • Optimized sourcing to find the lowest cost to serve
  • Unmatched fulfillment flexibility

All made smarter with AI.

Key capabilities of order management software

Deliver on customer promises
Have a single source of order tracking and accurate, real-time available-to-promise insights at the time of purchase

Increase fulfillment flexibility
Automatically scale to meet changes in demand

Effectively manage complexity
Connect goods, services and delivery into a single, managed order to increase profitability

Create happier customers
Connect to any fulfillment option to deliver the highly personalized service your customers expect

Drive efficiencies and control costs
Get sourcing optimization to find the lowest landed cost

State-of-the-art hybrid cloud technology
Experience a proven platform that securely processes millions of orders a day

Frost & Sullivan 2019 Best Practices Award

Integrated Commerce Order Management

Previously recognized as the customer value leader in the order management software space, IBM continues to deliver the innovation and quality that maintains its leading position in the market.

See why customers choose IBM

Eileen Fisher delivers outstanding customer experiences

Builds a central inventory, order-promising and fulfillment hub based on IBM Sterling Order Management — enabling true omnichannel retail capabilities.

Trivantage makes it easy for customers

Shapes customer journeys that align perfectly with customer expectations for B2C-style experiences.

Parker Hannifin delights with seamless fulfillment experiences

Increases customer satisfaction and sales with better visibility into inventory and orders across their global supply network.

Discover key offerings within the IBM portfolio

IBM Sterling Order Management

Deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience and optimize order fulfillment across every location in your supply chain.

IBM Sterling Fulfillment Optimizer with Watson

Continuously improve omnichannel profitability, balance fulfillment capacity and help reduce total cost-to-serve.

IBM Sterling Inventory Visibility

Get up-to-the-minute inventory tracking and accurate available-to-promise data, even in businesses with high volumes and many SKUs.

IBM Sterling Store Engagement

Increase sales and improve customer service across multi-store environments.

IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson

Predict, quickly assess and effectively mitigate disruptions and risks to optimize supply chain performance with AI-powered capabilities.

AI-enabled order management software is transforming the industry

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Reduce your cost per order and increase customer satisfaction by optimizing the routing of online customer orders across both your distribution centers and physical stores.

Learn how IBM Sterling Order Management software can help you deliver the perfect order — profitably

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