Fuel the industry's digital transformation, providing elevated omnichannel customer experiences

Success means meeting customers’ needs faster than ever before. Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud® can reduce time to delivery for patches, bug fixes and new features. Initial development is fast, and updates are frequent.

Workloads on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud can take advantage of analytics for market insights, multiregion deployments across the globe and inventory management. This can translate into improved reduced inventory operating expenses and can identify new customers to drive traffic and sales.

Real world example

Optimize cloud analytics

Problem: A chief marketing officer (CMO) needs to increase customer traffic by 20% in stores by making the stores a differentiating asset. At the same time, the CMO needs to reduce inventory.

Solution: On-demand compute, storage and event management that runs in public cloud with access to back-end ERP systems. Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud provides easier spin-up of more compute, where developers quickly add cloud analytics services for sales behavior insights and digital market adaptability.

Solution architecture

Solution architecture details

Use IBM Cloud Satellite to extend managed OpenShift, creating a common infrastructure management layer across any number of on-prem, edge and multi-environments.

IBM® Event Streams for IBM Cloud® just-in-time events platform is designed to bring in the rapidly changing information from inventory systems to IBM Streaming Analytics.

Jump-start development of mobile apps with the IBM Mobile Starter Kit and other mobile services from IBM, such as IBM Cloud® App ID. 

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Access all services in the solution from the IBM Cloud catalog when you create your IBM Cloud account.

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