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Verify - automated

Automated testing focuses on finding accessibility issues quickly and consistently using the IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker browser extension or integration testing modules. This is the most efficient way to find accessibility issues in your application, Website, or content. Developers should have already completed a check with the same tool during their unit testing.

Test with automated tools

Pro tip: Use the Accessibility Assessment option of the Accessibility Checker and set it to report results sorted by requirement rather than element role or rule. The IBM accessibility requirements and automated tools are numbered and aligned to the international standards, so it makes gathering and recording the results simple.

Violations: If Violations appear during this first verification step, we recommend stopping the verify process. Return the product to development for remediation.

Needs Review: If Needs Review issues appear during this first verification step, we recommend pausing the verify process. Ensure that these have already been resolved or return the product to development for remediation.

It is counterproductive to continue to manual testing until the automated tool produces a report free of Violations or issues that Need Review. Once the automated test returns a clean result, move on to manual tests.

Note: These automated checks only cover a subset of the requirements in the IBM accessibility requirements. Therefore, automated tests must be followed by manual tests and screen reader tests to verify that all the applicable requirements have been met.