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Mobile management is now even more of a moving target

Why IT management is harder than ever

Remember the good-old-days, when IT owned all of the equipment and software? That's all changed. Now, employees bring their own mobile devices to work and use them both for personal and business activities. How do you optimize all of this and safely provide access?


Setting the mobile management agenda and leading the way

So much is happening so quickly in mobile, and everyone is looking to you to manage and implement the organization’s mobile initiatives: generate new ideas to create more efficiency, set and manage the priorities, act as both the lead sponsor and provide governance.

Over 79% of smartphone owners use their devices to purchase goods and services.

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CIOs / IT Managers rely on IBM MobileFirst

“IBM MobileFirst Protect met everything we wanted to do from a device management perspective. We really tried to break it, but we couldn’t.”

Steve Staines, Manager of Enterprise Collaboration, CDW

Management has never been easier. Device enrollment now takes less than five minutes, when it used to take 10-20 minutes. IT now saves 17-35 hours each month.

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How do I connect my people to each other and to the information they need?

IBM MobileFirst Network Services will engineer, deploy, and manage secure-rich networks to support the unique demands of your mobile enterprise.

IT Directors

There's more to managing a mobile environment than BYOD

Mobile devices are multiplying your headaches. BYOD is the first challenge, but you also have to manage more data than ever, plus a blizzard of app and OS upgrades. And then there’s the question of tracking what this is costing your budget.

49% of business leaders say their companies struggle with change management issues associated with employees using mobile devices.

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To manage all of this, you're responsible for an alphabet soup of functions:

Mobile Application Management (MAM). Getting the right apps out to the right users, while securing and updating those apps.

White paper: The value of integrating mobile application development and mobile device management

Mobile Device Management (MDM). Now that you have the apps, what parts of the acquisition, provisioning, configuration, management, and decommissioning are you going to take on?

Datasheet: IBM MobileFirst Protect — Devices

Mobile Network Performance Management (MNPM). All of this will impact your enterprise wireless networks: increase the load, increase availability requirements, and increase the security risks. How do you optimize and monitor?

Use endpoints as sensors to help optimize your wireless network

Telecom Expense Management (TEM). And what is the all really costing you, including your global telecom infrastructure, added security, service contracts, BYOD complications, and policy enforement?

White paper: Next Generation Telecom Expense Management

IT Directors rely on IBM MobileFirst

“We consulted with all the major players in the marketplace and came up with a short list of five, including IBM.…IBM has worked with us for the past five years and 200 acquisitions. They were well-placed and in tune with what we do.”

Ian Featherstone, dir. of information sys. at PHS

PHS Group plc, a building maintenance provider in the UK and Ireland, sought to update its dispatch and billing systems to optimize productivity. They've now streamlined operations and are significantly decreasing unnecessary costs.

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IBM MobileFirst Device Procurement and Deployment Services

Services for planning, procurement, assembly, integration and deployment of mobile devices and tablets.

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