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The following package for new investors offers, in one convenient place, the materials most requested by new and potential investors in their efforts to analyze the investment potential of IBM.

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Current reports
2014 Proxy statement
2013 10-K
2013 Proxy statement
2012 annual report
2012 10K Report
Fourth-quarter 2013 earnings release [HTML]  
Third-quarter 2013 earnings release [HTML]  
Second-quarter 2013 earnings release [HTML]  
First-quarter 2013 earnings release [HTML]  
Fourth-quarter 2012 earnings release [HTML]  
Third-quarter 2012 earnings release [HTML]  
Second-quarter 2012 earnings release [HTML]  
First-quarter 2012 earnings release [HTML]  
Fourth-quarter 2011 earnings release [HTML]  
Third-quarter 2011 earnings release [HTML]  
Second-quarter 2011 earnings release [HTML]  
First-quarter 2011 earnings release [HTML]  
Fiscal year 2011 annual report [HTML]  
2011 10K Report
Second quarter 2012 Form 10-Q
First quarter 2012 Form 10-Q
Third quarter 2011 Form 10-Q [HTML]  
Second quarter 2011 Form 10-Q [HTML]  
First quarter 2011 Form 10-Q [HTML]  
2012 Proxy statement

Financial reports
Fiscal year 2010 annual report [HTML]  
Third quarter 2010 Form 10-Q [HTML]  
Second quarter 2010 Form 10-Q [HTML]  
First quarter 2010 Form 10-Q [HTML]  
Fourth-quarter 2010 earnings release [HTML]
Third-quarter 2010 earnings release [HTML]
Second-quarter 2010 earnings release [HTML]
First-quarter 2010 earnings release [HTML]
2010 10K Report
2010 Proxy statement

Additional information
Our strategy [HTML]  
History of IBM [HTML]  
Generating higher value at IBM [HTML]  

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