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IBM is a leader in cloud open standards

Cloud open standards and open source are the key to achieving true interoperability and eliminating vendor lock-in across the industry. IBM builds its cloud offerings on open standards to ensure interoperability and accelerate clients' success with cloud. As an active member of several standards development organizations, IBM pursues standards that are

  1. User-driven, based on real client pain points.
    IBM helped found the Cloud Standards Customer Council to provide a space for customer-led recommendations for cloud standards.
  2. Proven in practice through implementation, not based on theory.
    As a Platinum member of the OpenStack Foundation , IBM actively encourages the adoption of standards in the open source community.
  3. Set within a standard architecture.
    Based on real-world cloud implementations, IBM contributed the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture to The Open Group as the basis of an industry-wide cloud architecture.
IBM Cloud open standards and the Cloud Standards Customer Coucil

Founded the Cloud Standards Customer Council

Cloud Standards Customer Council

IBM is a founding member of the CSCC -- the premier end-user advocacy group for cloud standards, interoperability and best practices. Now with nearly 400 members, the group works with cloud standards organizations to ensure real customer issues are incorporated.

Committed to OpenStack


IBM is making significant contributions in support of OpenStack's goal of developing a ubiquitous, massively scalable open source cloud platform. IBM supports OpenStack from the Board of Directors down to deep coding contributions leveraging vast experience in open source initiatives such as Apache, Eclipse and Linux.

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