Acquire, grow and retain customers

Target the right customers with predictive modeling. Identify dissatisfied customers by uncovering patterns of behavior. Address customer service issues faster by correlating and analyzing a variety of data.

Provide a consistent customer experience


IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence provides insight into who your customers are and how they interact with your organization so you can personalize their customer experience.

We realized that analytics could do more than just give us the answers to our immediate questions about ticket sales and attendance: it could potentially transform the way we managed almost every aspect of our operations.

Donna Powell, business and administrative services manager, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Make each customer interaction unique and meaningful

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Retailers can reduce marketing spend by creating personalized campaigns based on real-time analytics of geospatial, behavior-based customer data. Luxottica targeted its highest-value customers with campaigns based on their unique preferences and histories.

Marketing effectiveness

Anticipates a 10 percent improvement in marketing effectiveness

High-value customers

Analyzed 100 million customers to identify those who were highest value


Targets individual customers based on their unique preferences and histories

Enhanced 360 degree view of customers provides a complete view of your customers so you can develop more personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns that target your most profitable customers.

The key thing is the ability to proactively use data to understand the needs of a specific client and customize and present relevant services and products.

CMO, Banking and Financial Markets, Singapore
CMO insights from the Global C-suite Study

Increase the lifetime value and loyalty of your customers

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Telecommunications companies can predict subscriber churn by analyzing historical and social media data. XO Communications used predictive analytics to identify subscribers at risk and give them a reason to stay.


Saved more than USD10 million per year from increased customer retention and reduced customer service costs


Reduced revenue erosion for customers at most risk of churning by 142 percent

5 months
Return on investment

Achieved a full return on investment within 5 months

Customer analytics solutions can help you better understand customers and their individual relationships with your brand so you can build stronger customer loyalty.

We gained an unprecedented depth of insight into what our customers are expecting and now focus on operations and marketing campaigns that work best.

Somchai Wattanasaowapak, CIO, AP (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.

Attract new customers and keep them coming back


Hotels can deliver a better experience by analyzing data from all points of customer interaction. Denihan Hospitality Group increased bookings at its boutique hotels, drawing new and former high-value guests away from the competition.


Used predictive analytics reporting to realize 40% productivity boost for the revenue management team


Doubled the room rate during an especially profitable time using insight into customer preferences

Return on investment

Produced over 30 times the revenue invested in analytics for a customer loyalty win-back program

Marketing analytics solutions from IBM can help you understand which marketing strategies and offers will appeal most to your high-value customers and prospects.

We’re not only getting a more complete picture of our customers’ needs, we’re translating those insights into a higher-value customer experience.

Justin Croft, manager of brand platforms and analytics, C Spire Wireless