Maximize insights, ensure trust and improve IT economics

Harness and analyze all data, even real-time data streaming from the sensors and devices that make up the Internet of Things. Ensure the privacy and security of that data, and put in place the infrastructure to support advanced analytics. Take advantage of cloud-based services to accelerate innovation.

Real-time actionable insight

In today’s continuously changing, always connected business environment, organizations must make the best possible decisions and put them into action immediately. Real-time actionable insight requires robust big data capabilities to optimize decisions and implement repeatable business outcomes across all processes, applications and interactions. These capabilities help you gain insights and act in real time based on all data sources, including the myriad connected devices that make up the Internet of Things.

Analyze streaming data in real time as it flows through the organization.

Make sense of unstructured data and put it into context with historical, structured data.

Use predictive analytics and advanced algorithms to recommend actions in real time.

Empower decision makers to act on insights in the moment, with confidence.

Continental Corp.


Continental Corp. is taking advantage of the latest advances and emerging technologies in big data and analytics, cloud and mobile to build a network of connected cars that can help make the roads safer.

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Cloud services to improve IT economics

As you expand big data and analytics capabilities throughout your organization, you also need to keep IT costs under control. Taking delivery of software, solutions, infrastructure, platforms and services on the cloud can accelerate the value of big data and analytics capabilities, offering scalability with limited upfront investment.

Governance and security for trusted data

To enable decision makers to act with confidence, you need to ensure that the data they use is clean, timely and accurate.
Data governance should be in place throughout the entire lifecycle—from collection and warehousing to storage and disposal. And security and privacy measures should be in place to protect data from both internal and external threats.

The infrastructure to maximize insights

A comprehensive big data and analytics platform like IBM Watson Foundations needs the support of an infrastructure that takes advantage of technologies like Hadoop to gain insights from streaming data as well as data at rest. Integrated, high-performance systems, whether deployed on premises or on the cloud, can reduce IT complexity and enable your organization to infuse analytics everywhere.

IBM Watson Foundations

Discover fresh insights, capture the time-value of data and act with confidence. IBM Watson Foundations is a best-in-class big data and analytics platform comprising 10 innovative capabilities that enable you to harness big data, apply a full range of analytics and gain valuable insights for competitive advantage.