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Runways made with Data:

Connecting people and places with sentiment and amplifying experiences at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2014.

IBM is the Official Innovation and Technology Partner for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) 2014.

The City of Melbourne and IBM Partnership foundation is built on data. Together, we are harnessing the power of data to deliver an enhanced and amplified event experience at MSFW 2014. By delivering real-time insight and intelligence into the behaviour and sentiment of MSFW guests and linking this in real-time to retailer offers, promotions and entertainment; we are connecting guests more closely with Melbourne CBD businesses.

IBM Smarter Consumer Study

Transform your retail business with engaging brand experiences that strengthen your customer relationships, drive profitable growth and build competitive advantage.

Macy’s is dressing each customer with data

Watch the video : shopping made with data

In the world of retail, Macy’s is one of the very few brands that can credibly be called an icon. When Macy’s wanted its online store,, to offer a more personalised shopping experience, they worked with IBM to establish the foundation for a more engaging and data-driven website.

The result, called My Macy’s, is a sweeping initiative designed to embed a customer-centric philosophy into every aspect of the company’s operations. With IBM Big Data & Analytics, customer preferences can be combined with their recent purchase histories to create personalised recommendations and promotions.

What’s the world making today?

We live on a Smarter Planet, where data, mobile, social and cloud are transforming industries and allowing us to create value in new ways.

The evidence is abundant and everywhere.

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