Great data isn’t enough

An accurate regional forecast on a website no longer meets our personal weather needs. Now we expect data tailored to our exact location and activities, available at any instant.

In business, we have the same need—data that’s easy, accessible and working for us.

What is required is a DataFirst approach.

Who has the right to access, process, and share data has become the greatest source of opportunity and contention in the enterprise.

Michael Schrage
"How the Big Data Explosion Has Changed Decision Making," Harvard Business Review

Take a DataFirst Approach

It’s time to enable open access, encourage collaboration, spark innovation, drive more intelligence.
To evolve your approach, you need:

A New Platform

Built on Apache Spark. Add composable, hybrid-cloud services. Add intelligence to accelerate insight.
Deliver self-service for all user types.

The new Watson Data Platform

A New Ecosystem

Meet our best-in-class partners and their open source-based services that are part of the open platform. Potential partners: Get certified!

Watson Data Platform partners

A New Method

Understand what works and what doesn’t work
in getting value from data. Get started fast.
Get business value right away.

The new IBM DataFirst Method

Start your journey to a healthier business

What value is your organization deriving from your data? What value would you like?

IBM can help you progress on your journey with:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Modernization
  3. Democratization
  4. Monetization