3.1 M

Present value public cloud consumption savings in USD


Reduction in annual public cloud consumption


Return on investment in less than six months

Optimize your cloud environment


Screenshot showing scale action recommendations

Optimize cloud compute

IBM Turbonomic automatically determines the correct virtual machine (VM) instance type for your cloud application workloads. The solution uses a wide range of metrics: VCPU, VMem, network and storage input/output (IO), throughput, reserved instance inventory, pricing and discounts, disk count, quota, and available region.


Screenshot showing pending actions on cloud storage volume

Optimize cloud storage

IBM Turbonomic evaluates throughput and IOPS demand to scale to the optimal storage solution for each individual disk. This includes scaling between and within storage tiers, sizing up volumes, modifying IOPS or throughput capacity on 101/102 Azure Ultra with no downtime, and deleting unattached storage devices.


Screenshot showing recommendations for actions on database servers

Optimize databases

Take advantage of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) more completely when you can scale Azure SQL and AWS RDS database resources exactly when the application needs them, without paying for unused database capacity.


Screenshot of recommendation to optimize container cluster

Optimize Kubernetes

See how IBM Turbonomic optimizes any upstream version of Kubernetes with container rightsizing, continuous pod moves, intelligent cluster scaling and container planning.

Reserved instances

Screenshot showing recommended RI purchases and savings plan coverage

Optimize reserved instances

IBM Turbonomic provides specific, automatable compute scaling actions based on utilization, so you can fully use existing RI inventory and maximize reservation-to-VM coverage. The software automatically ingests and displays negotiated rates.


Match demand to supply

Continuously match application demand exactly to cloud resources in real time

Automate workflows

Automatically incorporate application resource management actions into operational workflows

See impact

Always see how dynamic resourcing impacts the response time of your mission-critical applications



See what IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management can do for you.