Why MQ

Massive amounts of data move as messages between applications, systems and services at any given time. If an application isn’t ready or if there’s a service interruption, messages and transactions can be lost or duplicated, costing businesses time and money to make things right.

IBM has expertly refined MQ over more than 25 years in the market. With MQ, if a message can’t be delivered immediately, it’s secured in a queue where it waits until delivery is assured. Where competitors may deliver messages twice or not at all, MQ moves data, including file data, once — and once only. Never lose a message with MQ.

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Connecting data, apps, services and systems depicted in an abstract icon


Acting as a messaging center between applications on varied platforms, MQ connects virtually everything wherever it is, reducing integration time and cost, and reliably moving messages.

Protecting data at rest and in-flight depicted in an abstract icon


Secure by design — with built-in high availability and disaster recovery — MQ protects data at rest, in-flight and in-memory through fine-grained authentication and powerful data encryption.

Simplifying connection retries and scaling easily depicted in an abstract icon


Because MQ handles connection and message retries for you, it frees developers to spend time on more critical initiatives. It also easily scales to seamlessly manage changes in transaction volumes.

Integrate disparate application data to enhance the customer experience

A retailer uses IBM MQ to access and integrate historical customer data and shopper behavior from disparate applications to personalize its offers at the point of engagement. The merchant can gain insight into customer preferences and spending tendencies, and use the data to anticipate customers’ needs and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Read on to learn how the other IBM MQ offerings can be put to use to meet the changing demands of businesses in industries such as your own.

An IBM MQ offering to suit every environment and open avenues for growth

Graphic illustrating the capability of IBM MQ Appliance to provide data preservation with low total cost of ownership

You need data preservation with low total cost of ownership (TCO)

With multiple locations use IBM MQ Appliance to connect offices, onboard new partners quickly and ensure built-in data-loss prevention.

Graphic illustrating the capability of IBM MQ for z/OS to provide end-to-end encryption and extend secure messaging across networks

You need a powerful system with a reliable mainframe

IBM MQ for z/OS can extend secure messaging across networks for companies — like banks — needing secure, end-to-end encryption.

Graphic illustrating the capability of IBM MQ on the cloud to more securely transfer messages, while minimizing hardware, software and provisioning requirements

You need a secure way to connect applications, systems and services in the cloud

IBM MQ on the cloud securely transfers messages, reducing provisioning needs for companies — like government agencies — with sensitive data.

Client stories

E-commerce company uses IBM MQ as depicted by the 1-800-flowers logo


The e-commerce giant uses MQ to boost its brands’ synergies.

Large national bank uses IBM MQ as depicted by the BNY Mellon logo

BNY Mellon

MQ helps ensure delivery of sensitive, transactional bank data.

Medical center uses IBM MQ as depicted by the Freiburg University logo


MQ safely connects medical data across applications and systems.

International bank uses IBM MQ as depicted by the Busan Bank logo

Busan Bank

MQ lets out-of-branch salespeople get data, upping productivity.

What’s new with MQ V9.1

Manage MQ in a cloud-native way

New REST APIs and web-based administration accelerate the management and embedding of MQ within DevOps technologies to increase the agility in your development environment.

Build a hybrid cloud messaging platform

Comprehensive support for cloud platforms, such as IBM Cloud Public, IBM Cloud Private, OpenShift, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, lets you choose the cloud provider that’s right for you.

Simplify your messaging resilience

The new replicated data queue manager (RDQM) feature provides the simplified high availability of a resilient queue manager without the need for highly available network storage.

Enhance your connectivity

As your business grows, you have more systems with more connectivity requirements. MQ offers a wide range of connectivity for developers and now includes messaging patterns.

What makes IBM MQ a leader in messaging?

Flexible, near-universal connectivity

Adapts to meet changing market demands and help seize emerging opportunities

Security-rich message delivery

Preserves message integrity and mitigates the risk of data loss

Dynamic scaling

Improves business responsiveness and controls costs

Simplified management and control

Improves productivity and removes barriers to communication

Unified messaging

Simplifies integration, lowers TCO and accelerates application deployment

Rapid provisioning and monitoring

Enables self-service provisioning with simplified definition, deployment and management

No matter how your hybrid environment looks, MQ can work for you.

No matter how your hybrid environment looks, MQ can work for you. Schedule a consultation