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London South Bank University empowers researchers and students to tackle complicated questions with high-performance computing resources on the cloud.


Optimize cost-for-performance on IBM Cloud

Discover a turnkey high-performance computing solution from IBM

Process large volumes of data more economically and quickly with an easily configurable and scalable solution on the IBM Cloud.

Choose high-speed data transfer, storage that expands to exabytes, and industry-leading workload management software — all running on the powerful IBM Cloud global infrastructure — to help you meet workload demands.

Highlights of high-performance computing on IBM Cloud

Elevate performance

Use industry-leading IBM POWER8® bare metal servers and add even greater processing capacity with GPUs.

Elevate performance

Control costs

Shift CAPEX to OPEX with a cloud model and pay only for the compute power you use.

Control costs

Accelerate results

Choose add-on services for file transfer, storage and workload management to speed processing.

Accelerate results

High-performance computing on the cloud spans industries

Financial services

Financial services

  • Ensure accuracy when performing large-numbered, complex financial transactions.
  • Add greater precision and high speed to historical modeling.
  • Reduce deployment time for services by shortening development/test cycles.
Engineering/scientific research

Engineering/scientific research

  • Solve complex mathematical problems much faster.
  • Run complex simulations against large datasets in fields such as aerodynamics, physics or pharmaceuticals.
  • Save money by gaining a better understanding of real-world problems.
  • Reduce costs with complex predictive analytics.
Graphic design

Graphic design

  • Experience smooth, rich multimedia applications, including 3D-intensive programs.
  • Render complex architectural models faster.
  • Streamline animations for TV and film.
  • Create and evaluate virtual prototypes in real time.

MapD takes an innovative approach to data analytics using the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs

To build new applications and approaches, MapD capitalizes on the power of bare metal and on-demand access to GPU hardware in the cloud.

Build your high-performance computing solution on IBM Cloud

Bare metal servers

Get the virtually unmatched and easily scalable power of bare metal on demand with the option to integrate NVIDIA GPUs.

POWER8 bare metal servers

Manage data-intensive workloads with on-demand servers that combine high performance, storage and I/O.

IBM Spectrum LSF®

Gain faster throughput using intelligent, policy-driven scheduling for your HPC workloads, and add complementary services for storage performance optimization.

IBM Spectrum Symphony™

Respond to real-time resource demands with an enterprise-class grid manager that runs distributed applications services on a scalable, shared grid.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Scale to exabytes of storage for your big-data workloads with hybrid cloud storage choices.

IBM Aspera®

Optimize transfer speeds and security with a high-speed file transfer platform for large data sets.

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Halliburton migrates reservoir simulation to IBM Cloud to accelerate strategy development for maximizing production of oil and gas fields.


The latest GPU technology is on the cusp of enabling a new wave of breakthroughs in high-performance computing.



Transvalor’s Aeromines solution helps enterprises take off with cost-efficient fluid dynamics simulations in the cloud.

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