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Here’s some help to get you on a path to success with:

  • Simple steps to register for your trial
  • Trial highlights detailing what you can expect 
  • Resources you may need as you're navigating the trial experience 

Bookmark this page for help with signing up for the trial and for accessing key links, including documentation, support, tutorials and more. 


Get started for free with IBM®™ to build with our new studio for foundation models, generative AI and machine learning.

Start your free trial
Get started in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Select a region

Once you arrive to the registration page, select a location between Dallas, Frankfurt or Tokyo—whichever is closest to you or where you plan on hosting your data and services.

Step 2: Log in or sign up

If you have an existing IBM Cloud account, log in with your information. If you do not already have a cloud account, you can simply sign up for a free 30 day trial. 

Step 3: Start exploring

Take a quick product tour and get started with:

  • Prompt engineering in the Prompt Lab
  • Work with different foundation models for your desired generative AI use case
  • Create visual data pipelines and flows
  • Build machine learning models with AutoAI capabilities
  • Generate synthetic tabular data sets
  • Run predictive, prescriptive optimization models 
    New features and updates for IBM

    Get started for free with IBM®™ on IBM Cloud or AWS. In your free trial, you'll receive USD 1,500 to test drive a open data lakehouse instance on IBM Cloud. 

    For a successful trial experience, we recommended that you are comfortable writing Structured Query Language (SQL) and are familiar with open data and table formats and data management and data engineering concepts. 

    Start your free trial
    Get started in 3 simple steps

    Step 1: Log in or sign up

    • Create or log in to an IBM Cloud account with a payment method which is added for the automated billing that occurs after the promo credit is consumed (unless you cancel by deleting the instance before the promo credit is consumed)
    • Add the promo code enabling free trial of for 7 to 12 days and verify  
    • Read and accept the terms

    Follow the tutorial to learn how to claim your free promo code, apply it, monitor the usage of the credit, get started and size your starter instance of  

    Step 2: Deploy your instance of 

    Open your web console and follow the quickstart guided wizard to help configure your open data lakehouse infrastructure.

    Step 3: Start exploring

    You'll be able to try out's core capabilities, including:

    • Elastic scaling and pause of (optional) multiple query engines—see the getting started with your query engine tutorial for additional guidance
    • Support for open data and table formats to share a single copy of data across engines
    • A simple, integrated console with built in governance, security and automation 
      New features and updates for IBM
      Try watsonx.governance

      Get started with your governance strategy to direct, manage and monitor your organization’s AI activities with a free trial of IBM® watsonx.governance™. 

      Start your free watsonx.governance trial
      Get started in 3 simple steps

      Step 1: Log in or sign up

      • Once you arrive to the registration page, if you have an existing IBM Cloud account, log in with your information. If you do not already have a cloud account, you will be prompted to create one.

      Step 2: Provision and launch 

      • You can provision and launch your watsonx.governance service instance to start monitoring your model assets.

      Step 3: Explore watsonx.governance capabilities

      Start engaging with watsonx.governance capabilities with a sample project where you can practice:

      • Evaluating prompt templates
      • Tracking the prompt template throughout its lifecycle in an AI use case
      • Reviewing the details that are captured in a factsheet associated with an AI use case


        New features and updates for IBM watsonx.governance

        Explore the resources below for more in-depth training programs and tutorials. 

        Learn how to perform specific tasks, such as refine data or build a model Explore videos and tutorials to get hands-on experience with tools in watsonx Explore the Learn to Build with Gen AI Series
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