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Unearth the value deep in your data to deliver rock-solid code with Watson Discovery Service

According to Forbes, by 2020 about 1.7 MB of new information will be created every second—for each and every human being on the planet. This wealth of data offers extraordinary opportunities to:

  • Provide your organization with insights extracted from exploding volumes of data.
  • Integrate growing volumes of unstructured data to reveal previously undiscovered trends.
  • Rapidly scale the learning curve and overcome three obstacles organizations face when deploying cognitive solutions: identify and ingest data sources; enrich data so it’s searchable; and build queries.

Climbing the learning curve

Deploying a cognitive solution requires three time-intensive steps. Figure 1 illustrates the complexities organizations must navigate with traditional cognitive solutions.

Traditional cognitive computing logical architecture

Unfortunately, day-to-day administrative demands often block customer progress along that learning curve. So we began developing prototypes that provided ingestion, enrichment and query capabilities as ready-to-deploy services.

IBM® Watson® Discovery Service is the fruit of that labor—a cohesive suite of new, ready-to-use application programming interfaces (API). These APIs allow you to ingest, normalize, enrich, query and analyze your structured and unstructured data.

Watson Discovery Service logical architecture

Data ingest

Data enrichment

Data query

Accelerate your cognitive insights and find additional resources

Watson Discovery Service:
Three things you want to know

Discovery automates and simplifies the work it takes developers to extract value from structured and unstructured data. Find out how in 90 seconds.

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