Overview: The problem

The data privacy landscape is undergoing rapid change — from shifting regulations to evolving technological trends in an increasingly connected world. To data privacy professionals, a source of trusted answers is vital, and Thomson Reuters has a history of providing its clients unparalleled legal and regulatory content, expertise and technology.

Because data has become the basis for competitive advantage, businesses must pay close attention to how the data they collect is used and guarded — especially in highly regulated fields. Data privacy professionals have an enormous challenge on their hands, as they must maintain an up-to-the-minute knowledge of ever-changing regulations and rules, oftentimes across multiple global jurisdictions. To address these challenges, Thomson Reuters developed Data Privacy Advisor, a global research, compliance and current-awareness offering for data privacy professionals.

Finding the right information in this complex and fast-moving regulatory environment is critical. Thomson Reuters partnered with IBM Watson® to create two industry firsts: Ask Watson a Question and Related Concepts. Ask Watson a Question is a state-of-the-art, question-answering feature that allows data privacy professionals to ask natural language questions and receive sentence-level answers with confidence indicators. Related Concepts surfaces additional topics that users may want to investigate to further their research.

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Finding answers with IBM Watson

Working together to leverage IBM Watson’s expertise, IBM and Thomson Reuters experts in machine learning and AI partnered with Thomson Reuters subject-matter experts to train IBM Watson on complex aspects of data privacy. The team trained IBM Watson to interpret and understand the law, from simple concepts like, “what’s an organization?” to more nuanced concepts around liabilities and obligations in data privacy regulations.

The team also taught IBM Watson how to answer questions in the language of the legal domain. By providing question and answer pairs, the experts at Thomson Reuters helped IBM Watson “understand” the connection between questions and corresponding answers. The objective is not only to teach IBM Watson how to answer the questions on which it was trained — "Does Australian law require regulator notification of a data breach?", for example — but also to ensure that Ask Watson a Question is able to extrapolate and answer questions that legal professionals will ask in the future.

Staying ahead of continued evolution

As data privacy regulations continue to evolve and become more complex, organizations will need to place greater focus on ensuring compliance with multinational laws and regulations to avoid increasingly heavy fines. Data Privacy Advisor, including the IBM Watson-enabled features, gives professionals a powerful tool to help them be more efficient, deepen their expertise, and work more confidently.