To help deliver innovative cancer care for advanced cancer patients, UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center turned to Watson for Genomics.

When treating cancer, having immediate access to relevant medical information is critical. And that’s where Watson for Genomics came in.

Watson for Genomics enabled clinicians to conduct an analysis of relevant information pertaining to a patient’s genetic mutations and analyze the vast amount of medical literature and open clinical trials related to a patient’s case. This process used to take days. Now it can be done in minutes.

Consider that a single patient’s genome represents massive amounts of data and that 160,000 new research papers related to cancer are published each year. Without Watson for Genomics, clinicians might have needed days to read the medical literature corresponding to a patient’s genetic mutation--days before they could identify tailored therapeutic options.

Importantly, in 30% of selected cases, Watson for Genomics found additional therapeutic options for the oncologists to consider. And more options can help oncologists bring more hope to more people.

Hospitals, businesses, educators and governments are working with Watson. In 45 countries and 20 industries, Watson is helping people make sense of data so they have the ability to make informed decisions while uncovering new ideas.

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Watson for Oncology

Get oncologists the assistance they need to make more informed treatment decisions. Watson for Oncology analyzes a patient’s medical information against a vast array of data and expertise to provide evidence-based treatment options.

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