The Future
of the Call Center
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Customer Service
in the Age of AI

Seth Godin, Marketing Entrepreneur & Best-selling Author   twitter icon   linked in icon

Seth Godin discusses the importance of delivering excellent customer service and asks how firms will embrace AI as they transform their call centers.

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Call Center, Meet AI:
What you need to know about how
AI is transforming call centers

Dario Gil, VP of AI and IBM Q   twitter icon   linked in icon

Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst IQPC Customer Management     linked in icon

Call centers have embraced technology to increase efficiencies and to contain costs but customer experience has often suffered as a result. Brian Cantor talks with Dario Gil to discuss how AI has the potential to strike a balance between the two.

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Panel Discussion:
Tomorrow's Customer

The challenges facing customer service executives today and the solutions they are finding

Michelle Peluso, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, IBM   twitter icon   linked in icon

Michelle Peluso discusses with a panel of customer service executives, the challenge of building and maintaining long-lasting client relationships, and best practices to engage and nurture them successfully.

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Expert Talk:
Tomorrow's Technology, Today

How to start building the call center of the future

Atul Gupta, IBM Global Business Services, Vice President and Senior Partner, Cognitive Process Services   linked in icon

Toby Cappello, Vice President, Watson and Cloud Platform Expert & Delivery Services   linked in icon

Atul Gupta discusses strategies to transform even the most out-dated contact center into an omni-channel, AI-enhanced Call Center of the future and the business benefits that can bring. Toby Cappello then discusses the practical implications of enhancing customer service with AI, drawing on a number of examples from real customer implementations, highlighting lessons learned and pitfalls to watch out for.

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