Classify virtually any visual content

Visual Recognition understands the contents of images. Analyze images for scenes, objects, faces, colors, food, and other subjects that can give you insights into your visual content.

Create your own classifiers

Create and train your custom image classifiers using your own image collections.

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Visual Recognition Service Overview

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Case study


The Watson Visual Recognition service analyzed OmniEarth’s extensive collection of aerial images of drought-stricken lots for specific areas where water usage could be scaled back.

Case study


Using IBM Watson tools to better manage online reputations.

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  • – Classify 250 images per day and train a custom classifier with up to 5000 images.
  • – Use against image classification, face detection, or custom classifiers.
  • – Create one free custom visual classifier using 5000 training images.


  • – Image Classification
    $0.002 / image
  • – Face Detection
    $0.004 / image
  • – Custom Classifier Training
    $0.10 / image
  • – Custom Image Classification
    $0.004 / image

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