Train a custom model for visual inspection

With only a few images, our computer vision service can learn any new object, person, or attribute such as identifying car type and damage to estimate repair costs. Or train models effortlessly with Watson Studio — a free workspace where you can seamlessly create, evaluate, and manage your custom models.

Bring AI into iOS Apps with Core ML

With Watson Visual Recognition for Core ML, build computer vision mobile apps with no downtime. Get started with pre-trained models, or use Watson Studio to quickly build, test, and deploy your own custom models.

Classify your images with no additional training

Watson Visual Recognition understands an image’s content out-of-the-box. Our pre-trained models enable you to analyze images for objects, colors, food, explicit content and other subjects for insights into your visual content.

What is Visual Recognition?

Watson can learn any new object, person, or attribute.

Case study

Autoglass® BodyRepair

Autoglass® BodyRepair applied IBM Watson Visual Recognition technology to its website’s booking page, which visually analyzes customer photos of vehicle damage and automatically recommends a repair price.

Case study

Apple + Coca-Cola

Field technicians can now use Visual Recognition for Core ML to diagnose and correct problems on-site, with little or no network connectivity.

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