Classify text passages

Understand the intent behind text and returns a corresponding classification, complete with a confidence score.

Evaluate results

Update training data based on classification results and create and train a classifier using updated training data.

Build conversational applications

Answer questions in a contact center, create chatbots, categorize volumes of written content and more.

Natural Language Classifier service overview

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  • – 1 classifier
  • – 1000 API calls per month
  • – First 4 training events per month

Additional Costs

  • – Additional API calls are $0.0035 per call
  • – Each additional classifier is $20 per month (up to 8 classifiers)
  • – You are charged only for the GET /classify and POST /classify methods

Classifier Training Events

  • – Additional training events are $3.00 per training event
  • – Training events are tracked and charged for on a monthly basis