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Embedded NLP

Watson Discovery ships with natural language processing built-in. By simply ticking a few options we’re able to extract sentiment, entities, concepts, semantic roles, and more.

Relevancy Training

After gathering some insight into what questions your users or employees are primarily interested in, you can train Watson what is the most important – and Watson will learn, ordering the results just right for your users.

Custom Model Annotation/Extraction

IBM Discovery can also adapt to your specific domain– In your organization you have terms that public models can’t understand. We allow you to easily adapt your solution by using Relevancy Training.

Watson Discovery Service Overview Demo

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Case study

Watson's artificial intelligence helps millions of ESPN fantasy football owners

We have trained Watson with the ability to read, comprehend, and interpret millions of news articles and social content. Watson "read" over 6 million articles just to learn the game of football and during the season, it has been reading updated information from over 3,000 sources every hour.

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