Watson Partnerships Overview

Watson partners that are either reselling Watson technology or embedding Watson into an application that they develop and sell have access to a variety of benefits, including co-marketing opportunities, technical enablement support and the potential to utilize the Watson brand in marketing collateral.

Why become a Watson partner?

Build your AI network


Learn from and collaborate with over 2,500 partners within the Data & AI Ecosystem.

Expand the power of your brand


Join the 60+ With Watson Premier partners who have access to the Watson brand.

Partnership benefits

Accelerate sales and marketing

Build sales, marketing and technical capabilities through education and training.

Co-marketing opportunities

Top Watson partners are considered for content and event co-marketing tactics.

Activate your AI network

Connect with other partners who have specialized expertise or solutions.

Utilize the Watson brand

With Watson Premier partners* have access to use the With Watson badge.

Support of the Watson team

Access marketing resources to launch campaigns and showcase your AI solution.

*Watson resellers also have access with the With Watson log if they register for the program at the bottom of the page.

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