Explore how IBM partnered with Spotify and multi-platinum music producer Alex da Kid to create a custom Watson application for Alex to find the artist for his latest single "Go". The song features powerhouse female musicians H.E.R. and Rapsody, an artist discovered with the help of AI.


Alex da Kid, H.E.R., Rapsody


Meet Rapsody

Watson pored over enormous amounts of unstructured data like articles, social media, interviews and fan sentiment to help Alex uncover Rapsody as the best artist for his new track. From the tiny town of Snow Hill, North Carolina, Rapsody is known for her intricate rhyme patterns, metaphors and wordplay.

Put Watson to work

The Artist Discovery with Watson tool accelerated Alex’s research process of identifying new talent for collaborations. The tool, which was built as a proof-of-concept, leverages three different Watson APIs: Watson Knowledge Studio, Watson Discovery, and Watson Personality Insights. This demonstration is just one of the many ways IBM Watson can be put to work across industries. Learn more about IBM Watson: