Centerbridge Partners acquires IBM's marketing platform and commerce software offerings to form a standalone next generation marketing and advertising technology company.
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Understand and Improve Marketing Performance

Maximize performance with the right set of reporting and analytical capabilities, quickly and accurately make decisions to fine-tune your marketing approach based on real-time performance data and identify best practices so you can replicate success. 

Consolidate Data

Consolidate first and third party data (owned, earned, paid, digital and offline, cloud and on-premise) across the organization and customize reporting views to meet your needs.

Monitor Marketing Performance

Diagnose issues and success factors in near real-time by tracking performance progress to defined goals as well as internal and external benchmarks.

Take Action

Create new statistical and analytical observations and insights to optimize your marketing programs and improve your performance on-the-fly.



Performance Snapshots

Access quick views to critical performance data in the context of goals, benchmarks and projections. Performance snapshots allow you to quickly monitor how programs are working so you can detect anomalies and explore areas that require attention.


Reporting Library

Save time creating and updating reports with our pre-built, customizable report templates. Share reports across the organization to show progress to goals, assess productive areas and accelerate decision making.



Track how your marketing activities are performing through pre-defined sets of visualizations. Analyze performance at the campaign, program, marketing tactic, date, audience, segment, database or channel level and more.


Excel Add-In

Easily review and manipulate real-time campaign metrics without having to install any applications. View databases, queries, relational tables and other contact source information side-by-side.

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