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The IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzer service uses linguistic analysis to detect communication tones in written text. Use the Tone Analyzer service to understand conversations and communications, and then respond to customers appropriately at scale.

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General Purpose Endpoint

Use the Tone Analyzer General Purpose model to monitor social media and other web data. Analyze short-form text like tweets and reviews, or longer documents like articles and blog posts.

Customer Engagement Endpoint BETA

Use the Tone Analyzer Customer Engagement model to monitor customer service & support conversations.

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2,500 API calls free per month


The Lite plan gets you started with 2,500 API calls per month at no cost.


First 1,000 API calls per month free

Additional calls per month up to 250,000 are $0.0088 per call, 250,001 - 5,000,000 calls are $0.0013 per call, 5,000,000+ calls are $0.0008 per call.

Includes full tone analysis of your content.


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Watson Premium plans offer a higher level of security and isolation to help customers with sensitive data requirements.

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