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Enhance information retrieval with machine learning

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Retrieve and Rank can surface the most relevant information from a collection of documents. For example, using R&R, an experienced technician can quickly find solutions from dense product manuals. A contact center agent can also quickly find answers to improve average call handle times. The Retrieve and Rank service works "out of the box," but can also be customized to improve the results.

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Retrieve and Rank Instances


Retrieve: One Solr cluster with up to 50 MB of storage is FREE. Highly available clusters cost $0.30 per instance hour for a cluster of 4 GB memory and 32 GB of storage. You can create a cluster up to 7X that size. For example, a cluster size 5 with 20 GB of memory and 160 GB of storage costs $1.50 per instance hour. Additional clusters are charged for on an hourly basis.

Ranker Models: One ranker model is FREE per month. Additional rank models are $10.00 per rank model.

Rank API Calls


First one thousand API calls per month are FREE. Additional calls are $0.0009 per call.

You are charged only for the /rankers methods.

Rank Training Events


First four training events per month are FREE. Additional training events are $2.00 per training event.

Training events are tracked and charged for on a monthly basis.

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Localized versions of Watson services (Natural Language Classifier, Retrieve and Rank, Speech to Text, Text to Speech) are available in the following places.

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